Mass customers, and investors. The economy of

Mass media sets a trend in a society,
which determines what products to expect when you visit a particular
supermarket or a general store. The trend is not limited to specific category
electronics, furniture, technology/devices, house interiors, cars, and food or
other daily products we use shampoo, detergent all these products we chose from
the market are primarily income based and secondarily fashion that is trend
based. The current and up going customer catch is promoting and selling organic
food and dairy products. Whole foods’ first branch is established in Austin,
Texas in 1980 and formerly founded and operated only by 19 employees/staff.
Whole foods have set up the healthy lifestyle and a clean definition of food
and other products. There are two sides that generate a business — external
forces that influence the business such as economic forces, consumer trends,
External Threat, and supply—input sources and Internal factors also known as
stakeholders such as employees, communities, customers, and investors.

economy of a state or a country importantly generates the business smoothly.
The economy is constantly and positively developing and as a result helping
individuals to improve their standard of living and choices they make. The
household income determines the sales of whole foods. Whole foods stores are
extremely specific of their goods that are been set up for sale. Since most
products are organic or have a less chemical percentage they are very costly
compared to other stores such as Walmart, Costco, Safeway, etc. Growing economy
and a better standard of living are sure positively contributing Wholefood’s
sales; however, on the other hand, bad weather conditions, higher
transportation cost often negatively impact the sales at wholefoods. (Add
citation) The supply source also has an effective role in Wholefood’s business
chart. The second most important, as well as fluctuating external factor, is
Consumer Trends. Most markets are dependent on fashion and consumer fads, in
which Media plays an important role. Everyone wants to eat healthy food and is
willing to pay a little extra than normal goods, which is again a result of improved
household economy and lifestyle. However, consumer fads are uncertain and
affect the sales positively or negatively. (Add Citation) There are different
brands or competitive businesses, which act as a threat and constantly
encourages business to come up with new marketing strategies. There is more
than one brand available for specific organic goods in the market and
differences in the prices regulates the sales of the product. For Example,
Trader Joe’s low prices may affect the whole foods sales. Products are
generally in demand if they are attractively advertised, in reasonable price,
and presented in an artistic way. According to the report of Lisa Baertlein,
“As Amazon reduced the prices on selected items in August 10 percent of Trader
Joe’s regular customers visited Whole Foods between Aug. 28 and Sept. 3, more
than any other competing chain, followed by Sprouts, with 8 percent. Target
Corp (TGT.N) saw 3 percent of customers visit Whole Foods while Costco
Wholesale Corp (COST.O) and Safeway both saw 2 percent.”  There is a list of different external forces
that determine and regulates the business and importantly convenient locations
of the store. Wholefoods have very few locations and not in the quick reach, as
may be Walmart or Costco. All local stores carry organic products, which is a
prominent threat to wholefoods. Another important factor in business is the
supply of enough products. In case of whole foods market it does not own their
personal farm hence it is dependent on other sources such as UNFI. The supply
chain from UNFI also determines the prices of the products. Which means if the
cost of input increases the price of the final product also increases.  Being said that bad weather also affects the
supply of the products. External factors are crucial and not at all
predictable, which makes businesses take a roller coaster ride.

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The stakeholders are
affected by the business or choices that particular business makes unlike
external forces that regulate the business.  Employees are the
first stakeholders that are affected by the business. The number of employees hired by a company
is a reflection of how well a company is doing. How
many customers visit the store during the week or number of people visit the
store on weekends generate the numbers of employee hired for a particular
store. Since Amazon took over wholefoods and
reduced the price of few products. The numbers of customers at wholefoods are
increased; as a result it created new job opportunities. Wholefoods treats their employee with higher pay per
hour, which keeps employees happy and active. According to the report generated in 2013, Whole food
market pays 18.89 per hour to their employee. Amazon’s drop price strategy has a positive impact on communities. The drop in prices has made organic products available for
lower income households. Low-income households are able to buy chemical free or
organic products from wholefoods at lower prices than before. More Job
opportunities generate more healthy community with fewer crimes.

Increasing job opportunity also helps in growing
the economy of—a community, state, and a country. Whole food market understands their customers and provides the healthy
range of food and other products. Knowing
customer’s interest is key to any business. Whole foods maintain the quality of
its product and provide options. For example, 365 that is the in house product
rang of chemical free goods such as dish soap, title cleaner, face wash, etc. Whole foods also
encourage customers to eat and live healthy by making good choices.  Investors of whole
food markets are the mainstay of the business. Investors
are the groups of people who are interested in gaining the profit and
creditability via wholefoods. Amazon is one of the biggest and important
investor for wholefoods. Amazon with its marketing techniques and business
strategies is able to attract more customers.