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1. Government financial burden has been reduced   Policy is designed to hand over commercial management to private sector. The activities and functions which are traditionally perform by public sector is transfer to private sector. This is an objectives of privatization by leaving government to be free to concentrate on traditional functions of maintaining law and order and providing support to achieved goal and objectives. Government is accountable to the public and most but they will continue their responsibility to overseeing and give support to privatized company to ensure it will give more advantages than disadvantages. Furthermore, Government will be more efficient in providing their services to the nation when they are only focus to traditional functions while for privatized company there is no intervention from government in deciding their decision towards achieving maximum profit and reduce cost of the business which is in line of the objectives private sector company. According to Tun Dr Mahathir (1984) state that, In a nation, the private sector forms the commercial and economic arm of the national enterprise, while the government lays down the major policy framework, direction and provides the necessary backup services. Another than that, Government manager will be more motivated by political pressure rather than sound economic and business sense. Most of the project in Malaysia incurred large amount of the capital cost, government have to fund to make sure the project is successfully. Therefore, when the entities is transfer to private sector it means that they move by their own ability. They do not fully depends on government in terms of funding to run the business or project. Even some of privatized company may have transfer only partial of their equity but the commercial management, activities and function are handled by themselves. By doing this, it gives a space for government to concentrated in traditional functions supported by law. In addition, the expenditure of government is only focus to achieved the objectives of government procurement. Government can develop the country effectively and efficiency in focusing Malaysia’s industrial development and support services as well as provide better access and enhance better services to consumers. For example, in privatization of North-South Expressway. Government was facing in problem of budget and expenditure in building the highway in 1980s. Impact from this during review Fifth Malaysia Plan (1986-1990), the expenditure provided to the highway had been cut by 52 percent, which are from RM4,428 million to RM2,139million (Ashoka, (1997) . During that year, to prevent from delaying of project to construct the highway, government decide to privatized the project to Projek Lebuhraya Utara-Selatan (PLUS) to complete the rest of the expressway. Finally, the project was completed in February 1994. According to Dholakia (1994), there is evidence show the reducing of government financial burden which are the one-time revenue accruals from the partial sale of equity in government enterprise has so far yielded RM8.6 billion. Moreover, Dholakia (1994) states the government has been able to reduce its current expenditure directly on account saving of operating expenditure it would have otherwise incurred on the entities that were privatized. Privatization has influenced in directly and also indirectly in overall economic growth in Malaysia. The impact can be seen effectively and successfully of the project by private sector after privatization using their own resources. The changes is not only in increase rate of investment but also enhancement in developing basic infrastructure in industry. This is an advantages when privatization is occur, not only reduced government fund  but also privatized company can smoothly construct a project using their own abilities and decision to be more efficient and more profitable. However, there is drawback when entities or project or company is privatized. There will lack of social responsibility by privatized company and monopoly to the community may occur. Privatized company is aimed to make a profit as much as possible they will promote better service that will lead them to monopolized the community. Monopoly by privatized company later will lead the increase of price and this also will burden the people. This is because privatized company is not enjoy subsidies from government and all the expenses is bear by themselves. Moreover, when it is private monopoly it focus less cost but higher profit and it will goes to higher price. For example, a company is private company and they have a decision to exercised their activities if the company is producing product, they will try to satisfied the need of customer in the product. They will produce the product in less cost but in the same time maximizes its profit from customer. Customer desire to buy the product since they monopolize the community and all their needs are fully satisfied.       2. Increase corporate tax collection Private sector is expected to provide the thrusts for further growth and they will no longer operate in the public interest. There is a benefit when the entity is privatized which is benefits to shareholder. Shareholder gives pressure to the company to perform effectively in gaining the profit. Private sector objective is to maximize profit of the company because they want shareholder to be remain in the company. This is because shareholder is an important entity that helps company in providing fund for the growth and profit of the company. In doing so, they need to compete with other entities because when there are a lot of company privatized, all their goal is profit nothing else. Privatization showing the increase of competition in market. When more entities enter the industry it will increase the competitiveness of the market. In addition, increase in the competition of the market will give greatest improvement in efficiency.  Government able to gain additional revenue in the form of corporate tax when efficiency and profit is increase. This is because private company aimed to higher profit that will lead to higher corporate tax. Dholakia (1994) states that corporate tax collection shown a rising trend in recent years partly on account of higher corporate taxes is collected from privatized entities. Results showing that after 1990 overall fiscal in the annual budget has been recovered significantly and a surplus in within 1993 instead of a deficit as in earlier years. Government revenue is a money collection from tax payer. By gaining this revenue, government may use the money to finance project under socio-economic development plan. This shows that when a lot of company privatized, government can increase their collection of corporate tax from private sector company However, there is a problem when it is privatized which is privatization losses the mission of the establishment of the entity when profit maximization is main objectives of the entity. This can encourage malpractices like production with low quality product or higher in price.